Ya Çok Seversen – Episode 13

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Ya Çok Seversen – Episode 13
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Ya Çok Seversen is the story of the crossroads of Ateş, who did not return to his family home from the boarding school to which he was sent at a young age after his mother's death, and lives abroad on his own feet, does not trust anyone, and Leyla, who never knew her real family and earned money by deceiving people. Ateş founded an app, sold it, and lived a luxurious life in Majorca. However, he is forced to return to Istanbul because of his father's death and will. In the will, Ateş's father Vahit Alaca requested that he become the guardian of his three children from his second wife, Müge. While dealing with this, Ateş meets Leyla, who is part of a fake marriage gang.


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