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Esaret with English Subtitles

Orhun is a successful businessman who was raised in a wealthy but loveless family along with his twin sister Nihan, younger sister Nurşah and their cold, distant mother Afife. Nihan left to do volunteer work as a doctor in Eritrea, but recently she has been impossible to contact, and her family is worried about her.

While looking for his sister, he comes across Hira, a poor girl living the life of a prisoner at the hands of traffickers. When they find out that Nihan has been poisoned and killed by a local gang, Orhun breaks down.

When it emerges that it was actually Hira who was set up by the gang and poisoned his sister, Orhun hatches an evil revenge plan: he will take Hira home with him, but rather than saving her from life as a prisoner he will make things even worse for her…Orhun decides to marry Hira – she hates people of lower status and she’s obsessed with “pure blood”. Will this marriage imprison Firuze, or will the couple find redemption after paying all their dues?

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Episodes Esaret

Season 1 Season 6


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