Duy Beni – Episode 16 with English Subtitle

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Duy Beni – Episode 16 with English Subtitle
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Duy Beni with English Subtitles

Ekim and Leyla are two young teenagers who are as close as sisters. They live a modest life in a humble neighborhood but they always envied the rich kids who attend Dogru High School, a secondary school exclusively for the children of wealthy families. One day a car hits Leyla and the culprit flees the crime scene, making his way towards the school and hiding his car in the parking lot.When news spreads that a girl will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair because of someone from the school, the principal decides to give scholarships to three students from Leyla's neighborhood, to bury the bad news. Ekim, Bekir, and Ayse are chosen to start their fresh student life in the city's most prestigious school, but they soon understand that their life is actually about to get harder; they will have to fight to survive among the rich children and they will be surprised to see that the wealthy have very different lives to what they imagined.


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