Yildizlar Bana Uzak

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Yildizlar Bana Uzak
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Kadir and Aslı… Whose love is not a love to be forgotten or lost to time. It is like a sacred bond that will be remembered forever. But Kadir’s imprisonment, and his imprisonment as the murderer of Aslı’s father, causes all the beautiful memories to fade away. As Aslı is thrown to the winds by this blow, Kadir now has only one goal. To prove his innocence and to take revenge on the Varnalı family who played this game together with Yahya, who guided him in prison… When the truth is revealed, the fire of love that has been burnt to ashes inside them is about to rekindle, but that magical happiness is about to slip from their palms once again because of the big secrets buried in the past.


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